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Arabic/English Online Free Dictionaries

Did you ever wonder about the meaning of any English or Arabic word or its pronunciation. There are many useful online dictionaries that can help you out. I decided to put a list of them so any one can find them easily and use them. This is as well related to my Masters thesis, as the dictionary part is important in MT research.

  1. Dicts
  2. Alburaq (also provide Arabic roots dictionary
  3. (very simple)
  4. ECTACO (organized output with similar words)
  5. (English pronunciation available)
  6. Sakhr (You will notice that you need to put the word in the website search input box :), the output is very good with diacritics (i.e. tashkeel) )
  7. Lexilogos (linked to many other dictionaries).
  8. Albalqa
  9. Sensagent (Rich output ).
  10. Babylon
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Arabic to English Online Machine Traslation Services

As I’m working on my Masters thesis in English to Arabic Machine Translation, I thought to collect all online English to Arabic (and vise versa) online machine translation services. This post scope is only to collect the translation web sites. I may put more posts to evaluate the translation quality God willing in the future.

  1. Goole translate (free)
  2. Trjem (free)
  3. Sakhr (I think this is not free and you need to login)
  4. Almisbar (Not free)
  5. Systran (Free)
  6. WorldLingo
  7. MicroSoft Windows Live translator (Based on Systran).
  8. (it gives you 1 time trial translation)
  9. (uses some of translation sites above)
  10. There is nother free translation service but doesn’t have Arabic language support

Pleas let me know your feedback.

Enjoy !

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