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Proposal for Replacing @ in Arabic emails address with Arabic symbol

This is a Proposal for Replacing @ in Arabic emails address with Arabic symbol, As you know Arabic (and international) domain names are now supported, for example, In Egypt TE-Data started registering Arabic domains, see this link

Since the username and domain name for some email address’ will be in Arabic, it doesn’t make sense to keep the sign “@” between them, which is originally Latin symbol as abbreviation for “at”.  So here, this is a proposal to add new character to Unicode to replace “@” for emails address’ which use Arabic domain names. This new symbol will only be used when Arabic email address is displayed, the memory buffer will not be changed and the email address internally should still keep “@” in order not to break the email protocol.

The suggested symbol is the Arabic letter Aien “ع” with long tail that will circle it in the same way it circle the letter “a” in @.. The Aien is suitable because it can be considered an abbreviation of one of the following:

  1. على – means “on”
  2. عند – means “at”
  3. عنوان – means “address”

I am not very good in art, but I tried to do my best and designed a draft symbol just to illustrate the idea, which of course will have different shapes based on the font, as shown in the figure below.

Please leave comments with your feedback and opinion.


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